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Glock Full Auto Water Pistol

Glock Full Auto Water Pistol

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How it works

The Flex-Fit strap releives tension across your body targeting the lower limbs by mobilizing your hamstrings, calves, feet and toes. This process creates nerve tissue and facial release, improving issues related to lower back pain, sciatica and herniated discs.


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"Easily my best purchase of the year! I've had so many sleepless nights because of my back pain and since I've started using this its all gone!"


  • James W.

    I was skeptical at first, but after using the Flex-Fit I was blown away by the results! My back pain has significantly decreased and I can finally move without any discomfort. It provides great support, truly a lifesaver for my back pain.

  • David E.

    I've been dealing with back pain for years and have tried everything under the sun. I came across the Flex-Fit and it finally reduced my long-standing back pain. Game-changer. Enjoy pain-free workouts. Highly recommend!

  • Jennifer E.

    My physical therapist brought this out during one of our sessions and it felt amazing! She reccomended I buy one for myself and I've been using it on my own time ever since and have less physio appointments too!

Look At How Others Are Enjoying Their Strap

These people are real customers of our Flex-Fit Strap. Thanks to our Flex-Fit Stretcher, their lives have become so much better and pain free!

From Physical Therapy

This stretching technique is very often used in physiotherapy to stretch muscles and ligaments in a natural way.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain Forever!

We are so confident in our Flex-Fit Strap that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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